Core Values

How We Operate

We will bring about innovative ideas that promote the wellbeing of our communities. Innovation will fuel our desire to do things differently, and turn ideas into creative solutions. Innovation will drive our commitment to implement engaging programs that educate youth, adults and communities.on preventative health and wellness knowledge.

We provide high quality, relevant opportunities for youth, adults and community to attain lifelong wellness. We shall continually seek ways to improve the delivery of our programs. We will strive for excellence in all of our endeavors to implement quality health and wellness programs.

We are passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles for youth, adults and the communities. We will inspire our communities to be physically active; challenge students, teachers, parents and community to engage in healthy behaviors that will help them grow and increase in confidence. We will spread our passion for healthy active living.

We seek collaboration with people and organizations that can impact change through innovative ideas to promote healthy active living. We believe that collaboration is key to implementing engaging health and wellness programs for our youth, adults and communities. We are grateful for the knowledge and experiences that will be gained through collaboration with people and organizations.

We will foster an environment where everyone feels safe, respected, and heard. We will acknowledge and celebrate the diverse members of the community. We will also create a space where everyone feels they can be their authentic selves and that their experiences and opinions are valued.

We will strive to provide meaningful, creative, and innovative opportunities for youth, adults and communities to improve their wellbeing. We are constantly learning as an organization on how best to inculcate healthy active lifestyles for our youth, adults and communities. We will aim to instill the attitude of lifelong learning regarding preventative health and wellness knowledge for our youth, adults and communities.