Amonje Moses Oluchiri

Founder & Executive Director

Moses is a health and fitness enthusiast and founder of Wellness For Greatness Kenya. Moses began his career in the fitness industry in 2014 as the Director of Hightower Health and Fitness Centre while pursuing and attained his undergraduate degree in Sociology, Political Science, and Public Administration at The University of Nairobi. His dedication to helping people become happier and healthier through exercise has propelled him to pursue a second degree in Sports Science.

Moses has mentored, tutored, and coached groups of high school students in different schools in Nairobi Kenya. As a result of these mentorship programs, students were able to achieve higher grades, acquire leadership skills, and become responsible and focused.

As a fitness and wellness educator and coach, Moses’ desire is to help others achieve their health and fitness goals and to empower them with the knowledge and skills necessary to be in charge of their health, fitness, and general wellness.

The establishment of Wellness For Greatness is based on his research during his undergraduate studies on lifestyle and non-communicable diseases and experience as a youth and community leader working with the youth and community at large through various organizations.

Moses’ passion to establish Wellness For Greatness was fueled by the growing statistics of the negative effects of lifestyle and non-communicable diseases on youth, adults, communities, and the economy. He believes in; “Transforming Ordinary Into Extraordinary” and that through these programs, the youth will be cognizant, “That Tomorrow is Assured and Today is Safe”.