Erick Denis Ochieng


Denis is passionate when it comes to community-related programs that bring positive change to the youth and community at large. He has managed various CBOs and NGOs during which he was tasked to manage/oversee the management of the financial affairs of the organizations, often including such basic tasks as selecting a bank, reconciling bank statements, and managing cash flow. He was also responsible for preparing or facilitating the preparation of annual budgets, regularly monitoring and comparing the actual revenues and expenses incurred against such budget, and responsible for completing or ensuring the completion of, required financial reporting forms in a timely manner and making these forms available for the board’s review.

Denis’ background is in Accountancy and Finance, he is a holder of CPA(K) and has attained a Bachelor of Commerce Finance Option.

As the Board Treasure at Wellness For Greatness Kenya, he is dedicated to supporting the Finance Team and others in operating a strong financial control environment including maintaining comprehensive and accurate financial records and reports and also working closely with the HR and Administration Teams to ensure overall smooth running of the programs. Denis develops and enforces strong internal controls and financial management policies, ensures accurate and complete financial reporting and proper maintenance of financial records and information returns, regularly assess risks and whether and how such risks should be mitigated, keeps a calendar of filing requirements and deadlines, and has clear assignments (with backups) to help ensure they are all met in a timely manner and has the organization’s financials audited whenever required or advisable.

He ensures that he has dedicated all his effort and commitment to the smooth running of the Organization so as to ensure the overall objective is met and achieved. That our donors, partners, sponsors, participants, and well-wishers appreciate working with Wellness for Greatness.