Ben James

Born: January 12th, 1966, Chilonga, Zambia

Education: Ampleforth College North Yorkshire, UK, Loughborough University UK Durham University UK. 

As a boy and young man, Ben developed a love of sports and played cricket and rugby at a low level. He became a qualified rugby referee and coach. He also developed a love of drama and the performing arts. His degree was in History and he later achieved a PGCE in History and English, qualifying to teach. 

Career:  In his career, Ben was a history teacher at St. Olave’s School. Next, he was the Head of History, Head of Drama, and Head of Boarding at Prior Park Preparatory School. Later in his career, he was the Humanities teacher and Group Theatre Manager at Braeburn School in Nairobi. 

St. Olave’s and Prior Park are preparatory schools in the UK. Both have been leading sports schools in the UK achieving success at local, national, and indeed international levels. During this period, Ben developed his love of sports and physical activities and was lucky enough to coach at a good level.  He organized and coached several international tours including tours to Dubai and South Africa. He also developed his love of drama and directed major productions including two musicals he wrote himself.

Ben moved to Kenya in 2008 and has lived there since. He has continued coaching cricket and rugby as well as athletics and cross country running. In 2015, Ben was appointed Theatre Manager of Braeburn Group of International Schools. Braeburn is a group of 12 international schools in Kenya and Tanzania. Part of Ben’s responsibilities in this post was to run regular internal and external productions in Braeburn Theatre, one of the largest theatres in East Africa. 

Ben is co-founder of The Youth Theatre of Kenya and has taken productions to the International Youth Arts Festival in London. He has captained Kenya Pedagogues, a social cricket club for teachers in Nairobi. He has also helped run Lukawe, a local non-governmental organization in Laikipia County, which has promoted education in the area, especially special needs education. 

Ben is passionate about health and an active lifestyle as being a major factor in the education of young people.