Jeff McIntyre

Jeff McIntyre is the NASH Programs Director for the Global Liver Institute (GLI) where he oversees the 80 member NASH Council, the Beyond the Biopsy campaign, and assists in coordinating International NASH Day

As Director, Jeff has led the NASH Council – a global group of stakeholders across pharma, diagnostic, device manufacturers, patient organizations, medical societies, and health systems – to grow from 30 to over 70 members. He directed the creation of The Language of NASH: A Narrative Guide to Communication on NASH, a 15 country of best practices in patient messaging on NASH, and the U.S. NASH Action Plan which set forth goals and deliverables for addressing NASH across stakeholder organizations such as industry, patient organizations, and payors. He sits on several patient advisory boards and the Practice Guidelines Committee of the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease. 

Jeff was formerly the Director of ActiveRVA in Richmond, Virginia – a program that increased opportunities for physical activity through the development of urban infrastructure and programs for historically underserved populations. Jeff’s career in public health has included directing the creation of nutrition guidelines for food marketing to children at PBS and the Walt Disney Company, chairing the public health committee of the Federal Communication Commission’s Task Force on Media and Childhood Obesity, and serving 15 years as a Senior Legislative and Federal Affairs Officer with the American Psychological Association.

He was an advisor to the White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity and has testified before the US. Senate Commerce Committee, the US. House Judiciary Committee, the US. House Commerce Committee, the National Academy of Sciences, the Federal Trade Commission, and the US. Institute of Medicine concerning children and health issues.

He served on the Advisory Board for the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s Food Marketing Report Card and the Children’s Digital Media Center at Georgetown University. He was recognized as ‘Chairperson for the Day’ at the 2007 World Summit on Media for Children in South Africa. His publications include articles in the Journal of the American Behavioral Scientist and the Oxford Handbook on Media Psychology.

Jeff has appeared on/in CNN, Fox News, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CBS, the Washington Post, C-SPAN, the Village Voice, the National Enquirer, and on numerous radio talk shows throughout the United States. He has been an invited speaker before organizations such as the Ms. Foundation for Women, TransAfrica, the Children’s Defense Fund, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National League of Cities, and the Toy Manufacturers of America. 

Jeff is an avid triathlete and former professional whitewater kayaker, holding the highest teaching and rescue certifications while guiding river trips across 4 continents. Outside Magazine named him “one of the fathers of outdoors podcasts” for his popular river podcast, In Between Swims, which ran for over 8 years.  As an endurance athlete, Jeff is a 4-time Ironman, 2-time ultra-marathoner, completed the 4.4-mile Chesapeake Bay swim, and won the James River Rundown 30-mile stand-up paddleboard race. Jeff holds a graduate degree in Ethics from The American University in Washington D.C.