Elena Cocuzzo

Elena Cocuzzo was born and raised in Rome, Italy. Animated by a great sense of social justice and equal opportunities for all, she graduated in Political Science and International Relations, at La Sapienza University of Rome in 2017, and she started working in a legal and commercial firm in support of the Court of Rome. Subsequently, she obtained a Master of Art in International Cooperation from the Italian Society for the International Organization thanks to which she deepened the functioning mechanisms of international organizations operating in the world of cooperation. She then had the great opportunity to deepen the theoretical and practical aspects and the economic, political, and social implications of the development programs and actions of governmental and non-governmental organizations in the geographical areas of Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, as well as of the main issues, in the Master of Science in Development Studies obtained at SOAS, The School of Oriental and African Studies in London (UK) in 2020. During this wonderful experience, she became passionate about the themes of Agrarian Development, Food Policy, and Rural Poverty and She has increasingly taken note and awareness of the fundamental role that the nature of food markets and agriculture have in improving welfare.