Jigna Shah

Dr. Jigna Shah is an experienced mental health professional who is a great believer in mind-body connection. She began her journey in India and after completing her medical education, she immigrated to the US. She completed Psychiatry residency followed by a fellowship training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Jigna resides in the US and over the last 20 years has varied experiences in psychiatry. She has worked with children and adults in the inner-city, suburbs, and US veterans. She is the Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Wayne State University and has enjoyed teaching. During her journey as a psychiatrist, she has become fascinated by the mind-body connection, witnessing it first-hand treating young and old. She believes investing time in mental wellbeing is as important as physical health and educating the young about physical and mental fitness is indispensable. Outside of the work, she enjoys hiking, mindfulness and yoga practices, and volunteering.

Increasing connectedness and fast-moving lifestyle have brought new challenges of mental health and non-communicable diseases to the societies that were not burdened by them until recently. These new challenges require new and innovative approaches. Learning how to keep mind and body fit is the best way to achieve the goal of inculcating Fitness into the daily lives of the school youth, adults, and community. With this idea and desire, Jigna is thrilled to participate with Wellness for Greatness Kenya in bettering the mental and physical wellbeing of the next generation of Kenyans.