Alice Achieng Ojwang


Kenyan-born Dr. Alice Achieng Ojwang is a Nutrition and Dietetic Consultant, with a Doctorate in Dietetics from the Centre of Excellence for Nutrition, North-West University, South Africa.

During her profession, straddling up to 20 years as a Nutrition and Dietetic Consultant – She has been instrumental in shaping the Dietetics work in Kenya. 

With a Doctoral degree in dietetics, her areas of focus include dietetic related research and health education/promotion in obesity, diabetes prevention and reversal, high cholesterol and hypertension diet and its influence in women’s economic empowerment, worksite wellness interventions, the economic burden of obesity and its related risk factors, the impact of diet on health as well as prevention and management of chronic conditions. She continues to mentor young nutrition/dietetic professionals in Africa and share herself to grow professionally with her peers. Dr. Ojwang serves as a lifestyle activist to prevent chronic diseases and improve quality of life by creating awareness of diet and health. She is a lecturer/Researcher at the Technical University of Kenya, Nairobi-Kenya.