Suunil Bhattia

Suunil Bhattia, from Pune – India, has 27 years of experience in General Admin & Operations, Sports (Governance, Sports Education, Faculty), eLearning, and Exec Assistant.

He has high professional excellence in Badminton & Mountaineering. 

  • For Badminton, he has served as coach, manager, administrator etc & owns a coaching academy in Pune for the last 21 years. 
  • For Mountaineering, Suunil has been an expert mountaineer & rock-climber; done an Expedition – ‘Deo-Tibba’ (21500 ft) in the Himachal Ranges, Manali (HP). He has also carried out three rescue operations in J&K and HP, India. 

Suunil has an excellent network in the sports fraternity. 

He is –

(i) Chief Mentor – Sports Education Courses, Sports Academy Association of India, Copyrights from Ministry of HRD.

(ii) Advisor – Sports Education Programs, National Youth Sports Development Platform (NYSDP), NAMIBIA, Africa.

Prior to this role, Suunil was the Chief Operating Officer & Sports Management Faculty of the Institute of Sports Science & Technology in Pune, India. 

Suunil describes himself as a workaholic, analytical, strong communicator, and a mentor… an expert in solving crossword puzzles. A former Entrepreneur (Photo Studio, Sports Shop).