Hypertension Prevention & Management

Hypertension is among the leading causes of death globally, it does not usually cause symptoms, so has often been overlooked. It is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases including; stroke, heart diseases, kidney failure, and other diseases. It is a growing public health problem in many developing countries including Kenya, however, its prevention and control have not yet received due attention. 

The project provides our constituents with knowledge, skills, and opportunities to improve diet, physical activity, and other lifestyle behaviors to prevent, delay and control hypertension. We employ a Community-Based approach, this improves the cardiovascular health of the Kenyan population and eliminates health disparities among minority groups. The project offers community-based services such as nutrition education classes, physical activity sessions, and empowerment.

Managing hypertension should be a team effort from healthcare providers, community support, self-care management, family, and friends. Social support from family and friends is very important. Family and friends who are supportive and helpful can make it easier for a hypertensive person to make positive changes. It is important for anyone who supports a family member or friend with hypertension to learn about the disease and to work with their loved one to find ways to support them. Health care providers, hypertension educators, and community-based organizations can work together to help improve the health of people with hypertension.