Oral Health

Oral health is considered an integral part of the general body health thereby greatly affecting the quality of life of the general population. The foundation of healthy teeth in both children and adults is set during the initial years of growth and development. Inadequate tooth brushing habits, poor diet, and poor habits of food intake have shown relation to dental complications in children. However, these developments in primary teeth escalate the risk of developing the same in permanent teeth.

The oral health project is designed to improve the oral health of learners through teaching and encouraging proper tooth brushing and flossing techniques, nutritious diets, and regular visits to a dentist. By implementing this project, educators provide learners with necessary knowledge and skills, thus positively affecting their lives by giving them the gift of good oral health habits that can remain ingrained in their routines for life. Schools are considered an important platform for oral health promotion worldwide. Oral diseases are preventable and the focus on schoolchildren may help to minimize suffering, reduce inequity, and create productive years of healthy adulthood thereon. Therefore, it is a necessity to explore the oral health initiative in a school setting.