Nature Matching System

Developed by Ecological Artist Tattfoo Tan, The Nature Matching System is a color chart that reminds us to consume our recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables. The focus on the color of food comes from the intention of getting people to eat more nutritious meals. The compounds responsible for the color in many natural foods (phytonutrients) contain essential vitamins and are an essential part of a healthy diet. Eating a colorful meal is an easy and fun way to consume a vitamin-rich meal. The color chart is accessible through various media, including murals, placemats, screensavers, among other mediums.

Complementing the color chart, The Nature Matching System Syllabus is an art and nutrition curriculum support material created by Tattfoo, artist and educator Marion Wilson, and a class of Syracuse University students. The intent is that, with four outlined lesson plans, the syllabus can be introduced in schools, particularly those located in underserved communities. The Nature Matching System Syllabus aims to link consumers with producers and suppliers so that they can make healthy and affordable choices about the food they eat. The goal of the Nature Matching System is to inform children of the holistic value of food and the intrinsic connections between their environment and their health.