Coordinated Approach to Child Health Physical Education (CATCH PE)

CATCH PE is a physical education project that reinforces movement skills, sports involvement, physical fitness, social development, skill competency, and cognitive understanding about the importance of lifelong physical activity. The primary goal of CATCH PE is to increase the amount of moderate-to-vigorous activity (MVPA) children engage in during their PE time. MVPA  is any activity that gets the heart beating faster and where breathing becomes heavier. MVPA varies based on a person’s fitness level but for most children is exercise at least as strenuous as a brisk walk or bicycle ride. CATCH PE encourages MVPA for a minimum of 50 percent of PE class time. It also encourages children to receive the WHO-recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

CATCH PE guides teachers through the whole school year, establishing themes and lesson plans that teachers can utilize directly, or build on to suit their specific school needs.  CATCH PE’s most popular tool is the PE activity box, which provides over 250 games and activities tailored for each age group. Children love the variety of different activities to look forward to every day of the school year.

Wellness for Greatness is collaborating with CATCH Global Foundation and various education and health stakeholders to adapt CATCH PE for use in Kenya and offer them to schools nationwide.