Adventures in Leadership

The addition of experiential learning to any educational environment can significantly enhance the development of some of the most powerful characteristics is well-adapted, healthy adults. Leadership, independence, resiliency, self-awareness, and deep environmental understanding are all attributes that can be addressed and improved through a project of experiential leadership training. 

Adventures in Leadership is an experiential youth leadership project with specific leadership scenarios that would be tailored to the appropriate age group.  Through a series of team challenges inspired by leadership exercises to train and assess leaders of elite military units, we take the same principles and apply them to youth education to inspire the next generation of leaders. Our project focuses on developing grit, teamwork, self-reliance, resource management, communication, diversity of thought, creativity, and strategic thinking. The activities take place primarily in an outdoor environment. Each participant has a chance to lead the group through various scenarios designed to train and reinforce the above traits.

We also place a premium on health and nutrition and we provide guidance on maintaining a strong and healthy body and mind.