Betty Nkirote

Betty Nkirote is a Bachelor of Science in Food Nutrition and Dietetics Graduate. She has worked in three hospitals where she developed a passion for working with children. She is currently a Project Associate at Wellness for Greatness where she challenges her knowledge and skill.

Her journey with food and leadership began in primary school and has followed through to result in a career path at the University. Her goal is to create a healthy and happy population through food. Increasing life expectancy would be a wonderful bonus too. She is passionate about mothers and children, specifically because she believes some of the non-communicable and congenital diseases are predetermined between conception and two years. She believes that if we can manage the diet for mothers then we can reduce statistics for children born with and adults developing such diseases.

 She enjoys watching sports, her favorite being football, as she socializes over a game or two over the weekend. She believes the promotion of sports is also a direct way to create a healthy population from exercising and dieting. She is excellent in online gaming which she believes is a good way to learn technology which is the inevitable future of everything. She loves reading, it opens her to the thoughts of other people as well as gathering knowledge. She also enjoys adventure and sightseeing occasionally.