Irene Chemaiyek

Irene Chemaiyek is a project management professional offering more than six years of leading and coordinating community development projects with a keen focus on children’s rights and protection and women empowerment. She is skilled in community mobilization, team management, budgeting, and financial management, resource mobilization, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, donor and partner relationship management, among others.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in accounting from Kisii University and a Diploma in Project Management from the Kenya Institute of Management. In addition, she has acquired a certified Public Accountant Part one certification.

Irene is a committed family woman married to Aggrey Eboyi and together they are blessed with two amazing sons.  Her passion of wanting to see functional families and stable homes for children has led her and her husband to serve as family group leaders in their local church.

She has built her career on integrity, passion, trust, equity, and stewardship, the values she believes are the backbone of any sound society.

Irene believes that every child has a right to reach their full potential regardless of their background and that has been the driving force behind her passion for children’s welfare.