School Wellness Councils

Schools are powerful places to initiate positive behavioral and environmental changes for learners and staff. So as to make the school environment healthier, Wellness for Greatness together with the Education stakeholders are establishing School Wellness Councils. 

The School Wellness Council is an advisory group that is concerned with the health and wellbeing of staff and learners in our schools. They act collectively to lead and implement all aspects of our Wellness Programs. These councils are formed at the school level and comprise of 8 -12 members who include school staff, parents, teachers, learners, food service providers, health professionals, the school board, administrators, and other interested community members. They address issues surrounding general health and wellness, safety, sports, talent, vetting of external mentors/trainers/instructors, physical education, and physical well-being that affect learners, staff, and the school community. The council employs a coordinated approach in order to improve learners and staff wellbeing