Workplace Wellness

Given that the average employee spends over 1/3 of their day at work. Employers have a moral obligation to implement workplace wellness activities to improve the lives of their employees. The wellness of employees is paramount to the employee and employer. Physical inactivity and unhealthy diets come with a hefty price tag; sickly employees can cost an organization money in sick time, benefits, and lost productivity. 

At Wellness for Greatness, we work with organizations to:

  1. Design, implement and evaluate wellness programs; 
  2. Establish on-site gyms for the employees and professionally manage the facility;
  3. Offer team-building and outdoor fun activities;
  4. Lead wellness sensitization sessions;
  5. Instruct group Classes (Yoga, Aerobics, boxing, salsa, tae-bo, self defense);
  6. Provide personal training and online fitness workouts
  7. Individualized meal and workout plans
  8. Carry out health and fitness assessments

Organizations that work with us in our Adopt A School Program will enjoy subsidized workplace wellness packages.